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The team behind Truckspedia consists of creative and energetic young people with prestigious Austrian education and international experience in the transport and logistics sector. We have dedicated our skills to one of the most important and key industries as we believe that we can make it smarter, more innovative and even more open. We love our work and have the confidence that we are among the best. We have already been trusted by some of the most renowned freight forwarders in Europe.


Truckspedia’s mission is to provide a convenient and flexible toolset for quick and effective logistics management no matter the location. We have invested all our skills and knowledge to build a platform that innovatively connects carriers, businesses, dispatchers, brokers, and shippers to engage, evolve and grow through solid partnerships.


Logistics moves the world - quite literally. In today's globalized world, where worldwide connectivity is a key factor, and especially in times of challenges, it is an indispensable part of economic and social processes . We understand the industry well and recognize that it is time for it to be modernized and automated . We bring both the experience and the ideas to enhance the business .

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Each target is closer with open communication and smart logistics. The transport industry is based on reliability, trust, and integrity. We do not work for clients but rather aim to provide a platform for building long-term and loyal partnerships.

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Peter Stoyanov
CEO | Truckspedia

Welcome to Truckspedia, a leading logistics platform aiming to revolutionize freight exchange. Our vision is to provide a top-tier logistics platform, driven by innovation and quality. Truckspedia is transforming the global logistics scene, exceeding customer expectations and leading the way in innovation.

Founded on the idea of optimization, Truckspedia is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions. My journey, starting with an IT education in Sofia, led me to specialize in Transport and Logistics Management at the University of Vienna. Working with industry giants like DHL, Gebrüder Weiss and LKW Walter exposed me to the limitations of existing freight exchange platforms, inspiring the creation of Truckspedia.

I appreciate the trust you've placed in us, driving our commitment to a future filled with opportunities. At Truckspedia, we prioritize integrity and professionalism, ensuring unwavering dedication to high-quality service. Expect continuous updates to meet your evolving needs.

Thank you for being part of our incredible journey.

Peter Stoyanov,
CEO, Truckspedia